Description Price Remaining Quantity
Conference Ticket ₹ 2,500.00 197
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Basic Terms:

  1. It is mandatory to carry the copy of the eMail sent to you after successful payment. It must be DIGITAL (on your phone/phablet/tablet/laptop) NO physical print-out (re-think | Save environment). As a security measure, we advise you to carry a valid identity.
  2. In case, due to any technicality, if you have not received the eMail; we send a reminder eMail &/or SMS on the day of the event prior to registration time for easy access.
  3. Only one person shall be admitted against each valid ticket.
  4. Event ID card: Issued at the venue’s registration desk, as per the event schedule.
  5. Right of admission reserved by the Event &/or Venue Management
  6. By submitting the form, you are approving ^CMS team to send relevant eMail & SMS communication in regards to the event & ticketing.
  7. By submitting the form, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the ‘Code-of-Conduct‘.
  8. The Event ID may contain a QR Code which will have the following info: First Name, Last Name, Twitter (if mentioned), Website URL (if mentioned). You may choose to include the following during the purchase of the ticket: eMail &/or Mobile.
  9. Disclaimer: Please note your First & Last Name may be publicly visible on Attendees page along with your Gravatar. Also (if mentioned) the Twitter Handle & the Website URL will be publicly visible. We may not publicly display any other info submitted in the form, unless indirectly in form of statistics &/or report.